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DevOps Managed Services & Maintenance

Outsource Your DevOps Management to Ensure Continuity and Efficiency.

Managing and maintaining your DevOps environment can be challenging. We offer comprehensive DevOps Managed Services & Maintenance to ensure your cloud infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines, and tools run smoothly and effectively. 

Why Choose Our DevOps Managed Services & Maintenance?

Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions

Our disaster recovery and backup solutions safeguard your data and applications against unexpected events. We design and implement comprehensive recovery plans to ensure business continuity and data integrity, minimizing the impact of disruptions.

Benefits of DevOps Managed Services & Maintenance

Resource Management

Our DevOps managed services offer unmatched scalability, allowing businesses to scale resources up or down based on demand. We ensure that your infrastructure adapts seamlessly to changing workloads, providing the flexibility to respond quickly to business needs.

Streamlined Operations and Automation

Our DevOps managed services incorporate automation tools and best practices to streamline operations and reduce manual effort. Automation enhances efficiency, reduces the risk of human error, and allows your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Streamlined Operations and Automation

Our DevOps managed services incorporate automation tools and best practices to streamline operations and reduce manual effort. Automation enhances efficiency, reduces the risk of human error, and allows your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Security is a top priority in DevOps management. Our services include implementing robust security measures and compliance protocols to protect your data and applications. We ensure that your environment adheres to industry standards and regulations, minimizing vulnerabilities and enhancing overall security.

Improved Performance and Reliability

Through continuous monitoring and optimization, we ensure that your DevOps environment delivers peak performance and reliability. Our proactive approach to DevOps management minimizes downtime and enhances the user experience, ensuring that your business operations run smoothly.

Cost Reduction & Efficiency

Effective DevOps management helps optimize resource allocation, reducing unnecessary expenditures. By leveraging our expertise, you can monitor and control costs, ensuring that your investments are utilized efficiently and avoiding budget overruns.

Our DevOps Managed Services

DevOps Strategy and Assessment

We work with you to develop a comprehensive DevOps strategy tailored to your business needs. Our assessment services evaluate your current environment, identifying areas for improvement and opportunities for DevOps adoption and optimization.

CI/CD Pipeline Management

Our experts manage and maintain your CI/CD pipelines, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. We handle the entire process, from planning and execution to testing and validation, ensuring a smooth and efficient pipeline.

Infrastructure Deployment and Configuration

We deploy and configure DevOps tools and resources to meet your specific requirements, ensuring that your environment is optimized for performance and cost-efficiency. Our services include setting up CI/CD pipelines, monitoring tools, and more.

Security and Compliance Management

We implement robust security measures to protect your DevOps environment from threats. Our compliance management services ensure that your infrastructure adheres to industry standards and regulations, providing peace of mind and minimizing risk.

DevOps Integration and Automation

We integrate DevOps practices into your environment, enhancing collaboration and efficiency. Our automation solutions streamline deployment, testing, and monitoring processes, accelerating your development pipeline and improving overall productivity.

Our structured process ensures seamless collaboration and project success. We follow three general stages, each with its own substages to ensure thorough and effective service delivery.

Who we work for...



The DevOps Company played a valuable role in our project's early architecture design and building stages. They provided guidance, expertise, and know-how in the field of DevOps, allowing us to focus our resources on executing the project plan and achieving the best possible end result.

Their Full Stack team, comprising of DevOps and Backend Engineers, established a cloud-native DTAP environment and developed a data integration layer that has enhanced our ability to deliver high-quality products and services to our users. The DevOps Company helped us navigate a difficult transition while also providing up-skilling opportunities for our team.


They have been a great business partner, understanding our business environment and assisting in steering the project through the inevitable change management challenges alongside our internal project team.


Froukje Meirink 
Directeur Onderwijslogistiek - NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

Effective DevOps management is crucial for maximizing the benefits of modern development practices.

Partnering with us provides a dedicated team of DevOps experts committed to your success. Together, we create a robust, scalable, and efficient DevOps environment to drive your business forward. Contact us today to begin your journey toward DevOps excellence.

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