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Course Argo CD (2 days)
Course Argo CD (2 days)

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Course Argo CD (2 days)

Elevate your DevOps skills with our two-day intensive course on Containers, Kubernetes, and ArgoCD with GitOps. Gain hands-on experience and master the essentials of modern application deployment.

Time & Location

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15 aug 2024, 09:00 – 16 aug 2024, 17:00

Amsterdam, Atrium Building 4th Floor, Strawinskylaan 3051, 1077 ZX Amsterdam, Netherlands

About the event

This intensive two-day training provides a comprehensive introduction to containers, Kubernetes, and ArgoCD with GitOps. The course combines theoretical knowledge with practical exercises to ensure you develop the skills and confidence needed to effectively implement containerization and continuous delivery in Kubernetes.

Agenda (2 days course)

  1. Presentation: Containers and Kubernetes
  2. Preparation: Access to VM for exercises
  3. Hands-on: Containers 101
  4. Hands-on: Kubernetes 101
  5. Presentation: ArgoCD and GitOps
  6. Hands-on: Installation of ArgoCD
  7. Hands-on: Preparation of a Git repository
  8. Hands-on: Create applications in ArgoCD

This training plan offers a balanced mix of theoretical understanding and hands-on practice to effectively learn and implement containerization, Kubernetes, and ArgoCD with GitOps.

# Day 1. Introduction to Containers and Kubernetes

Presentation: Containers and Kubernetes

  • Virtualization and Containerization: Learn the differences between Virtual Machines (VMs) and containers, and how containers provide lightweight, portable environments.
  • Kubernetes Architecture: Understand the core components of Kubernetes, including Pods, Deployments, Services, ConfigMaps, Secrets, and Namespaces.

Hands-on: Containers 101

  • Basic Commands: Start with fundamental commands to run, stop, and manage containers using Docker. Understand container lifecycle management and troubleshooting techniques.
  • Building and Managing Images: Learn to create Dockerfiles to build custom images. Explore image management including pulling, tagging, and pushing images to a registry.
  • Container Networking: Dive into networking concepts for containers, including setting up bridge networks, exposing ports, and linking containers.
  • Volume Management: Understand how to use volumes for persistent storage, and manage data within and between containers.

Hands-on: Kubernetes 101

  • Interacting with Kubernetes: Use kubectl to interact with the Kubernetes API server. Practice commands to create, update, and delete resources.
  • Deploying Applications: Learn to deploy applications using Pods and Deployments. Understand rolling updates and scaling applications.
  • Configuration Management: Use ConfigMaps and Secrets to manage configuration data and sensitive information for applications.
  • Service Discovery and Networking: Explore Kubernetes services for load balancing and service discovery. Configure Ingress for managing external access.
  • Namespace Management: Organize resources using namespaces to create virtual clusters within a physical Kubernetes cluster. Understand resource quotas and limits.

# Day 2. Introduction to ArgoCD and GitOps

Presentation: ArgoCD and GitOps

  • Overview of ArgoCD and GitOps: Learn how ArgoCD implements GitOps for continuous delivery in Kubernetes, ensuring the live state matches the desired state as defined in Git repositories.

Hands-on: Installation of ArgoCD

  • Setting Up ArgoCD: Install and configure ArgoCD on a Kubernetes cluster, and set up user permissions.

Hands-on: Preparation of a Git Repository

  • Repository Setup: Organize and manage Kubernetes manifest files in a Git repository.

Hands-on: Create Applications in ArgoCD

  • Application Management: Create ArgoCD applications, sync them with the repository, and monitor changes to ensure applications are up-to-date.

# Detailed Learning Objectives

Containers and Kubernetes:

  • Master virtualization and containerization.
  • Set up SSH authentication for Git repository management.
  • Manage Kubernetes resources using manifest files.
  • Deploy and manage containerized applications in Kubernetes.

ArgoCD and GitOps:

  • Understand GitOps principles and benefits.
  • Use ArgoCD for continuous delivery in Kubernetes.
  • Install and configure ArgoCD, and manage repositories and applications.


  • Course Argo CD (2 days)

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